Mathematical and logical games, tests, figures, series, visual and auditive enigmas, anagramms and common points, challenges and paradoxes, crossed words, labyrinths and other brain-teaser : there is something for everyone ! To be initiated to many kinds of tests, and specially to have fun... without forgotting that in most of cases, you have to "think differently", i.e. have an original point of view.

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Les Paradoxes du Temps ou l'Odyssée de Nihil et Totus à travers le Temps
"Supreme law of nature" for Arthur Eddington, absolute for Isaac Newton, relative for Albert Einstein, inexpressible for Saint-Augustin, "philosophical question par excellence", "time" is not with us - even if we started the third millenary - he "is" actuality, irreductible "newness", as affirms by sheer force Henri Bergson in all his work.
But maybe the smarter thing written about time has been by Herbert Georges Wells, in the first chapter of "The Time Machine", inaugurating the fiction theme in the highest sense of the word of 20th century. There was no book recording et developping the numerous paradoxes linked to the notion of time : Langevin twins paradox, time "arrow" paradox, origine of time paradox, doubling of time paradox proposed by Henri Poincaré, quantic time dissolution paradox, move Zenon paradox, time travel paradox...
The "paradoxal" characters Nihil and Totus try to present clarly this fascinating subject.

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Remue-Méninges II
Hundreds of reflexion games and brain teaser really various.
122 pages.

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Le Petit Traité du Voyage dans le Temps

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