Justice - Cubominos

Laurent Dubois


I started an action against the companies Sony/Playstation and Ravensburger for the probable theft of my idea of the game "Dé6dé" (now named Cubominos) (quickly said, "Dé6dé"/Cubominos consists to play Dominoes with dices on a pattern of squares 5x5). My copyright is former to that of Devil Dice, the game of Sony, and it is Ravensburger Germany which distributed the game of Sony ! My consulting barrister must send soon a new mail to Sony ; to give him the wanted weight, he must join mails of specialists or any persons who recognize the great similarity between "Dé6dé"/Cubominos and Devil Dice, the game of Sony ;
it is a mail which does not engage you with nothing on a legal level but which would have much value according to the judge in load of the business ; I do not have unfortunately the means of paying an office of experts to carry out the comparative one (they ask 150 euros/hour ! (about 150 dollars/hour)). I must thus manage.

What I need is a typed letter of you with your adress, phone and qualifications, profession or occupation in which you assess the obvious similiraty between my game and Devil Dice.

The letter would be of the following kind :

"A comparative analysis of the games "Dé6dé" of Mister Laurent Dubois and "Devil Dice" for Playstation of the Sony company leads me to the conclusion that the concepts of the two games are the same."

That would be a great help ;)

Thanks in advance


July 1997, I invent a game.

I send the idea to some big societies ; Ravensburger and Nathan only reply to say that the idea is too complicated but that they are waiting for my other ideas of games.

Augustus 1997, I send to them the description of Dé6dé (now named Cubominos) : quickly said, to play Dominoes with dices on a pattern of squares 5x5 ; surprinsigly, no reply from Ravensburger nor from Nathan (I will discover that Ravensburger and Nathan belong to the same company).

I write again directly to the product manager of Ravensburger, who had himself reply for the first game, but no reply ever.

September 1997 : I make a copyright on Dé6dé.

January 1999 : in a newspaper, I read an article with a photo about Devil Dice for Playstation ; I'm astonished by the similitude with my game.

Though, Sony is not Ravensburger, but a quick search on the net reveals that these two societies realized games together and, before all, that Ravensburger Germany deals Devil Dice in Europe !

September 2000 : I started an action against the companies Sony/Playstation and Ravensburger.

50 millions cd-roms of Devil Dice have been made by Sony, so the royalties would be rather... big, and the indemnities too.

But currently, Ravensburger doesn't even reply to the letters of my consulting barrister and Sony, after tergiversations, just begins to consider the dossier.