Power Scale
Laurent Dubois - 2001

The Power-scale is the new denomination of the new version of the 916 test in three parts.

In the spirit of the Weschler intelligence scale, this comprehensive multi-factorial approach is intended to increase significantly the ceiling of the existing official and proctored intelligence scales and culture-free type IQ tests.

The main characteristics of the Power-scale are its high difficulty and its consequently untimed and unproctored nature.

The Power-scale is constituted of three parts : the 916 Test, the Hyper-Test and the Concep-T Test.

Each of these parts constitutes an autonomous IQ test. You can choose to pass as much parts as you want ; there is a specific scoring for each part and a global score. All the combinations are foreseen. See the SCORING SCALE.

Of course, the most accurate evaluation of the range of your potential will be given by the Power-scale !

The entire subtests A and B, and the most part of subtest C of the 916 Test and the entire Hyper-Test don’t require any knowledge ; all the symbols are fluid. The Concep-T Test is culturally biased in a significant measure.
The 916 Test is intended to measure the logico-divergent ability.
The Hyper-Test is intended to measure the power of reasoning.
The Concep-T Test is intended to measure the crystallized intelligence and the power of reasoning with abstract concepts.

The Power-scale is an admission test for the SIGMA , the ISI-S and the UGG Societies, and potentially for several other societies (Cerebrals, Glia, Poetic Genius, Pi, Mega…).


A non expected but pertinent answer will be taken into account in the raw score, and weighted according to its degree of quality.

There is no time limit; material help allowed : books, calculator, computer, internet…, corrections and additions are not accepted; no discussion with others, no help from anyone in any way.

Requisites : logic, imagination, shrewdness, minimal general knowledge, and a very very good sense of observation.

When you think you have found the correct answer, you have to wonder if your most severe imaginary critics would be convinced by your solution.

Send your answers to 916test@caramail.com or to the following address :
Laurent Dubois, rue Beaulieusart, 148
Fontaine-L'Evêque, 6140

Please include your name, age, gender, e-mail address, and native language. If relevant, please list scores on previously-taken IQ tests, along with the names of the tests. It's important to normalize the "Power-scale". Thanks for your comprehension.

The most part of the items in classical IQ tests are static, symmetric and qualitatively limited.

The 916 Test and the Concep-T Test contain conceptual items of very high quality, which contribute to make them highly "g" loaded, especially the 916 Test which shows a high correlation with the Raven Advanced Progressive Matrices; the Hyper-Test contains some very challenging "dynamic" items.

The "IQ" (>< IEQ) score notion remains pertinent since it has always been indistinctly used to give the score to either a Weschler-type intelligence scale either a RAPM-type culture-free test, and that the Power-scale and its three components intend to improve these classical scales and tests.

All this material is experimental and copyrighted !